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Personalised nutrition for lasting results

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors in health and wellbeing. By addressing dietary imbalances, many health conditions can be improved and even resolved.  At Dara Dara Nutrition the nutritional therapy is designed around you. Together we will identify and tackle any food or lifestyle choices that may be preventing you from being your best self. 


You can choose from virtual consultations by telephone, e-mail or Skype, allowing you to benefit from personalised nutrition advice from your own home.


Whether you want help with weight loss, skin conditions, allergies, heart health or wish to discuss a specific concern, you will be supported throughout your journey to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome.

Get in touch for a complementary 15-minute consultation session to find out how Dara Dara nutritional therapy can help your health and wellbeing.




Dara Dara offers a choice of three nutritional therapy programmes, dependent on the level of support required. To tailor your chosen programme to you, you will be sent a questionnaire and a short food diary to complete prior to commencing. This information also helps to build a picture of your health history and nutritional status.

Get in touch  to make a booking for an initial no-cost consultation (up to 15mins). During this time we can have a discussion of your health needs. This is a good starting place for anyone wishing to explore their health and to see how Dara Dara nutritional therapy can work for you. 


Following the return of your food diary and questionnaire, a full in-depth health assessment will be carried out to get to the grips with the root of your symptoms; this includes dietary assessment, medical and family history, sleep, stress and much more.

How it works

All programmes are designed around the individual - working around your daily routine, lifestyle and food preferences, but typically include:


- Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme tailored on your specific goals

- Practical, adaptable recipes and health resources

- Knowledge of which foods to eat and, where appropriate, which to avoid - and why!

- Health coaching to help you fully understand your health needs and to overcome potential challenges

- Supplement recommendations may also be suggested where appropriate and/or functional diagnostic testing  to investigate potential imbalances

- Ongoing support according to your requirements and programme

Behaviour change has a huge role to play in eating well and staying in good health. Making truly lasting changes takes time. It’s for this reason Dara Dara offers 10 week programmes as experience shows that one-off consultations do not offer the same long term, lasting results. Careful consideration is given to your needs and goals and each programme is customised to suite you.  


You can choose from 3 programs, dependent on the level of support required, with contact on a weekly, fortnightly or 3 weekly basis; prices start from £295 and vary according to our time spent together.


Consultations can be in person or via telephone, Skype or Zoom.


Dara Dara Deluxe Plus

Initial assessment and contact on a weekly basis with opportunity to contact in interim. Personalised meal planning and tracking, specific shopping advice.

Ideal for those who have significant ill health, weight concerns and those looking for faster results.

8 week Programme; weekly contact

Dara Dara Deluxe

Initial assessment and fortnightly contact. Ideal for those looking for a steady and considered approach for a specific health or weight issue. This can also be a useful program for those with a busy schedule wishing to kick-start and maintain a healthy routine.

8 week Programme; fortnightly contact

Dara Dara Lite

Initial assessment and contact every 3 weeks. Ideal for motivated individuals with established core nutrition skills, good energy and dietary understanding.

9 week Programme; 3 weekly contact


As well as tailored individual programmes Dara Dara offers Specialist Packages starting from £49.99. 

These are aimed at addressing specific concerns such as skin health or tackling ketogenic eating.

All packages come with eating plans and offer a simple way to kick-start diet and lifestyle changes. 

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