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The greatest wealth is health

Other Services

Recipe Development

I provide recipe writing, testing and development services to suit your needs. With a strong knowledge of ingredients and experience to create a range of recipes to brief, you can expect original and inspirational dishes that incorporate a passion for using fresh, seasonal, local produce and ingredients. 

A recipe analysis service is also available for recipes, meal plans and 

menus - an invaluable tool for developing dishes for varying dietary requirements. 

Get in touch for more info.

Food blog
Menu Development

As a knowledgable food menu developer,

I am able to deliver cutting-edge menu items tailor-made to fit your company and brand’s identity and specialised requirements.

I offer a clear and honest viewpoint, taking into account all aspects of the creative process from sourcing ingredients to ensuring customer satisfaction. Recognising the middle ground between the kitchen's vision and what customers want, I find ways to work both into the final menu.

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Food Knolling
Public Speaking

Tailored for both the corporate and educational sector, these talks provide practical and easy to digest information on nutrition,

health and lifestyle.

Also available are bespoke talks for small groups on dietary guidance for specific conditions. Popular topics include: diabetes, osteoarthritis and hormonal 

imbalances. These talks are aimed at enabling and empowering people to put new and existing knowledge 

into practice.

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Over 50% of our total daily food intake comes from what we eat at work, which means our workplace diet can have a huge impact on our health, happiness and productivity. 

Diet and nutritional health workshops are a great way to ensure a happy and healthy workforce. Tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, these workshops can be set up in any meeting space that suits your requirements.

Popular topics include High Energy Eating and Eat to Beat Stress.

Get in touch for more info.

Cookery Coaching

With a passion for cooking, I wanted to offer a service that meets the growing demands of a society increasingly interested in food that supports and promotes health.

As a qualified food teacher, I would work with you to prepare delicious meals that focus on nutritional value. As no single dietary regime is appropriate for everyone, dishes will be based on your taste and preferences, with menus, recipes and shopping lists provided to leave you feeling confident in creating your own meals in future. 

Get in touch for more info.

Tempura Vegetables
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