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Bite-sized sustainable strategies

Specialist Packages

Being able to utilise foods and combinations of foods to prevent or remedy health issues can be far more powerful than many modern day medicines. Dara Dara offers a selection of nutrition and lifestyle packages, each carefully designed to help you make achievable changes.


These focused packages run for a shorter duration than the 1-2-1 programmes, but still deliver a powerful punch of smart eating strategies to help you see lasting results. 


Each package typically includes: 

  • Seasonal, tried and tested delicious and nutritious recipes

  • Shopping list to get you started straight away

  • Professional nutrition guidance and reading resources 


The Kickstarter

Many common ailements such as fatigue, bloating and headaches can be signs of inadequate nutrition. This 3-week package supports your body and mind to refresh and revitalise your eating habits allowing you to look and feel your best. A complete clean-living solution, the Kickstarter is the perfect catalyst for anyone who is really serious about making a change.  
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Green Juice Prep

The Cleanser

Even the simplest of daily routines can expose us to several common pollutants. As the toxins gradually accumulate in the body, many people experience sleep impairment, eczema, inflammation, depression, or “brain fog”. This 4-week cleansing package uses a combination of functional foods, herbs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals to heal the 
body of toxic overload to leave you feeling renewed from the inside out.  

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Portrait of a Smiling Woman with Curly H

The Glow

The secret to great skin lies in eating the right foods. Poor gut health and mineral or vitamin deficiencies play a large role in many skin problems. This 3-week package takes a holistic approach, addressing dietary and other environmental skin triggers, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and stress/anxiety to give you We’re all after glowing, vibrant and yes, younger-looking healthy skin.

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The sugar nixer

These days it is pretty hard to avoid sugar, and the list of "hidden sugars" is ever growing. Not only is sugar linked to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, but it also zaps your energy and increases your risk of depression. Let this carefully designed 4-week sugar detox package guide you to sweet success with food combinations and herbal remedies to retrain your body and kick sugar for good.

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The carb cutter

In recent scientific studies, low-carb diets have proved their worth as healthy and beneficial. Not only do they help with weight maintenance and blood sugar levels, they have also been shown to offer brain-boosting benefits too. This 3-week package provides you with the tools to safely reduce your carbohydrate intake, allowing you to harness the healing powers of this way of eating.

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The analyser

How good is your diet? Are you confident of meeting your nutrient targets? The Analyser package provides a detailed review of your eating habits over a 7-day period. A comprehensive analysis of your macro and micronutrient intake is carried out and followed up with personalised dietary recommendations for your health.

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Body Measurements

The shaper

Are you looking to get into shape? Or have you managed to lose some weight but are struggling to keep it off? This 3-week weight loss package uses easy adaptable and easy to follow meal plans to support and motivate you to change and improve your body and your health for good. 

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