Being able to utilise foods and combinations of foods to prevent or remedy health issues can be far more powerful than many modern day medicines. Dara Dara offers a selection of nutrition and lifestyle programmes, each carefully designed with a specific goal in mind.


Each programme includes a 60-minute consultation at the beginning and end of the programme and e-mail support throughout. Also included with each programme are recipes and exclusive reading resources that will address many aspects of your lifestyle, in order to help you achieve an all-round health revolution. Get in touch for more info or to sign up for any of the programmes below.

The Sugar Nixer


Sugar is becoming widely recognised as the number one contributor to ill health. But for a lot of us, it forms a major part of our diet. This 4-week programme will help guide you to sweet success by retraining your body to crave a healthy, sugar free lifestyle. 

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The Ketone Booster


Scientific research has shown the ketogenic diet to offer a host of health and weight maintenance benefits. For those looking to get to grips with the ketogenic diet, this 3-week programme provides you with the tools to move your body into a keto-adapted state with recipes and tips to ease your body through this metabolic transition. 

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The Carb Cutter


A number of recent scientific studies show that reducing your carbohydrate intake makes it easier to lose weight and to control your blood sugar. This 2-week programme allows you to harness some of the health and weight management benefits of a ketogenic diet by safely reducing your carbohydrate intake.


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The Shaper


Are you looking to get into shape? Or have you managed to lose some weight but are struggling to keep it off? This 3-week healthy eating programme includes a 1:1 consultation to get you motivated and on-track to achieving your health goals.

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The Kickstarter


Many common ailements such as fatigue, bloating and headaches can be signs of inadequate nutrition. This 3-week programme supports your mind, body and soul to get your whole life back on track. A complete clean-living solution, the Kickstarter is the perfect catalyst for anyone who is really serious about making a change.

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The Glow 


Without a healthy diet your skin will not flourish. Poor gut health and mineral and vitamin deficiencies play a large role in many skin problems. The 3-week Glow programme offers a holistic approach, addressing skin triggers, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and stress/anxiety to soothe and rememdy your skin. 

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The Analyser


How good is your diet? Would you say you're confident of meeting your nutrient targets? The Analyser is a 7-day programme that provides a detailed review of your eating habits, including a comprehensive analysis of your macro and micronutrient intake. 

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The Cleanser


Ridding yourself of toxic overload can significantly improve health and wellbeing. This 
7-day cleansing programme includes detailed meal suggestions and recipes to leave your feeling renewed  from the inside out.

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