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"I had been suffering with stomach problems for some time but I had only ever had it diagnosed as IBS. No matter what I tried I wasn't able to get relief and would be in discomfort after meals. As I mostly work nights, Dara Dara's online services seemed like the perfect solution for me to get help.  Angela provided clear and balanced advice that was specific to my needs. The programme that she created for me fit perfectly into my daily routine and has greatly improved my stomach problems. I can't thank her enough and I would 100% recommend her to anyone in a similar sitution." 


- Laura, London



I have always been a fit, active and healthy person, but I often suffered from unexplained episodes of anxiety and headaches. I contacted Angela after several years of difficulties with this problem, which I had not been able to resolve myself or with other professionals in this field. She was friendly, knowledgeable and professional throughout, and always provided me with sound explainations for her recommendations, which made me feel confident about following her suggested programme. Over the months I saw a steady decrease in my anxiety episodes and within a few months my headaches had completely stopped. After following my programme for 6 months and continuing to implement her recommendations I can safely say I feel human again. 


- Ben, Derby



Half the battle of making a change to your eating habits is knowing where you're at to begin with. Although I was exercising regularly I was struggling to lose weight and having difficulties sleeping. After completing a questionnaire and personal consultation, Angela anaylsed my current diet and eating habits and was able to identify foods that were likely causing me to have difficulties sleeping and causing my weight loss to stall. I was sent a personalised diet and lifestyle plan and was also provided with useful handouts and easy to understand guides to help me maintain the changes. The Dara Dara consultation process was straightforward and informative, the dietary advice given was simple and very easy to follow and most important of all it was extremely effective. My energy levels have returned, I am finally seeing the rewards of my workouts and I am able to sleep the whole night through. Thank you!


- Sammy, Brighton



After having my first child four years ago I found it difficult to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. Angela's warm and personable approach really made me feel inspired to get my health back on track and remain motivated and I felt that she really cared about helping me achieve my goals. She has helped me to make positive changes to my diet and has shown me how to incorporate new food ideas that suit my lifestyle and budget. I am now much happier and more confident and am able to make quick, easy and healthy meals for myself and my son. I found Angela's advice easy to understand and I have really benefited from the programme she recommended. I would definitely come to Angela again in future and would recommend her services to anyone.


- Charlotte, Nottingham


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