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(Dara dara Founder)

Food & Nutrition consultant


Health writer

Fed up with being pulled around like a kite on a string by the latest health claim, I decided to take matters into my own hands. In 2008 I embarked on studies in the field of Human Nutrition.

I became interested in the functionality of foods and how the right foods in the right combinations can be the key to a long and vibrant life. Through trial and error, research and experimentation, I have learned how to adopt a healthy 
nutrition lifestyle and my goal is to help others experience the positive, 
transformative power of good nutrition.

Angela Yussuff

You've no doubt heard the old addage that "You are what you
, and it is no secret that good nutrition is the cornerstone
of a healthy and happy life.


Sadly, working out what does and doesn't constitute good
nutrition can often be a bit of a minefield. One day fat is bad,
next day it's good (it is good) - the endless stream of sensational headlines is enough to make anyone want to give up on eating entirely and opt to sit in the corner photosynthesising.  

Since qualifying as a nutritionist in 2012, I divide my time between nutritional 
cookery coaching and writing about 
nutrition, food and health for a range of national publications. 


My philosophy is that eating for health can and should be simple. It's about going back to basics and enjoying wholesome and delicious foods in their natural state. But for any transformation to occur in your life you need attainable targets, which is why my approach as a nutritionist is both realistic and supportive. 


With Dara Dara I wanted to combine science-based nutrition principles with simple, relatable and well researched dietary advice to enable people of all ages to reshape their nutritional habits and live a happy and healthy life, always.

Whether you want to reduce body fat, address digestive disorders or chronic illnesses or simply want to up your energy levels, Dara Dara can help you begin the healing process nutritionally. 

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